08/02/2019 - Energy

February 08, 2019
8 months

Despite the shift towards renewable energy sources, coal energy remains critical for push towards electrification and dominates the energy mix of India. Justify (200 Words)

Refer - Financial Express

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Raj 8 months

Kindly Review. Thanks!!

IAS Parliament 8 months

Good answer. Keep Writing.

VIkas 8 months

india is still in its developing phase and during this phase  the demand for energy goes up.and specifically in case of india demand for energy  is very high because india is having second largest population of the world and soon it will bypass china to get rank 1 in population .despite india's effort to move towards the renewable energy reseouces coal resources still remains the dominant for electification because of the following reasons.

1. lack of investement in renewable energy field.

2. renewable energy sources like solar energy need day light for many hours which is not available at all places.

3. installement and maintanance of the renewable sources like wind ,solar is very high.

4. although central and various state goverment are providing subcidies for solar panel still many people are unable to afford it.

5. renewable energy sources are dependent upon weather for the good performance( for eg-solar and wind) thus it is not reliable source. 

IAS Parliament 8 months

Need better understanding.Try giving justification for use energy from Coal not the disadvantages of renewable energy. Keep Writing

Ashok 8 months

Kindly check the news link..it's directing to some other article.pls rectify it.

IAS Parliament 8 months

Thank you for bringing it to our notice. It has been fixed. Keep following.

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