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21/06/2022 - Government Policies

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June 21, 2022

Do you think that the Government of India should re-establish its role as a principle employment generator? Comment (200 Words)

Refer - The Hindu

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Sathishkumar 15 days

evaluate my ans

IAS Parliament 15 days

Try to include some government schemes related to employment. Keep Writing.

IAS Parliament 15 days


With  announcement that 10 lakh government jobs will be provided over the next 18 months on a “mission mode”,by  Prime Minister


·        The creation of employment is indeed a problem and can no longer be hidden from the public discourse.

·        The private sector, modern sectors such as the service and manufacturing sectors, which are dominated by multinational companies, have not created many jobs.

Employment trends

·        The 10 lakh jobs creation also needs to be seen in the context of the labour market and workforce participation rates have increased marginally, there is a decline in the quality of jobs.

·        But an honest government would concede that the levels of several variables remained discomfortingly high even after three decades of economic reforms.

Role of private sector

·        The private sector creates jobs in response to market forces and while taking into consideration radically altering technological developments.

·        Projects in the modern private sector consume a lot of capital to generate very few jobs. For instance, recently, there was a report that the Adani Group has invested Rs70,000 crore (or ?700 million) in Uttar Pradesh to create merely 30,000 jobs. 

Manish 16 days

Please review !

IAS Parliament 15 days

Try to provide a wholesome conclusion for the anwer. Keep Writing.

K. V. A 16 days

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IAS Parliament 16 days

Try to include about labour laws, PMKVY. Keep Writing.



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