Electrification Efforts in India - Ambedkar

Recently, Indian PM announced the completion of electrification of all census villages

Understanding the Tribes of Andaman

An American National was allegedly killed recently by Sentinelese tribes of A&N Islands

Need for a New Antique Law

The recent happenings over antique collecting across India draw attention to the shortfalls in the r…

Renaming of Allahabad

The Uttar Pradesh cabinet recently approved a proposal to rename Allahabad as ‘Prayagraj’.

Dalai Lama's View on Partition

Dalai Lama recently stated that had Jinnah been made PM, partition could have been avoided

Jinnah – The Harbinger of Partition

After more than 7 decades of partition, Jinnah continues to be a controversial

India’s Politicking in the Bangladeshi Liberation War

Indian role was more based on its strategic considerations than mere compassion.  

Remembering Goa Liberation movement

In 1961 an armed action by the Indian Armed Forces was carried out to remove Portuguese administrati…

'Padmavati' Controversy - The Past and the Present

Protests have broken out across the country for alleged erroneous depiction of Rajput queen Rani Pad…

How the Indus Valley Civilisation coped with climate change?