Prelim Bits 25-06-2019

Radio-collaring Asiatic lions, Lunar Evacuation System Assembly, Superbugs - Plants to Humans etc

Discussion on Climate Change Plans - UN Secretary General

UN Secretary General has convened a summit to discuss plans to address climate change

Enforcing Basic Rights

The Bihar AES tragedy calls for a discourse on the basic rights of citizens.

Reimagining India’s Fiscal Federalism

Reimagining India’s fiscal federal structure through its 4 pillars.

U.S Iran Air Strike

US pulled back air strikes on Iran

US Secretary of State Visit to India

Indo-US relations Sparking off the stagnating one

Prelim Bits 24-06-2019

Record-Breaking Heat Waves, Pentagon, Shisham trees etc

GST Council Meet Highlights - June 2019

The 35th GST Council meeting was held recently.

Preparing for Innovation Economy

An assessment on the challenges and priorities for the business community in the innovation economy

Evaluation of Farm Subsidies

Subsidies and cash transfers may not be enough to end farmers’ woes.
UPSC Admissions 2019