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Zika Outbreak in India

In India first large outbreak of Zika virus is reported in Jaipur with 80 victims.

Concerns on Antibiotic resistance

India is yet to regulate antibiotic use and it serves as a cause of concern.

Cyber Attack Concerns

Many of the Indian banks and capital market participants have cyber risk management plans at an inst…

Concerns on drone regulations

Lack of clarity on the recently published drone regulations might affect competitiveness on this nas…

Concerns with Gene editing

Ethical concerns have been raised over the clinical application of gene editing technique in recent …

Defining Pluto and a 'Planet'

Some researchers are challenging the 2006 IAU's decision to remove Pluto’s planetary status.

Fake Drugs and Block Chain technology

Block Chain Technology is a solution to check the spurious sale of fake drugs.

Guidelines for Drone Operations

DGCA has recently published the final guidelines for operating drones by ordinary citizens.

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) is hesitant to permit field trials to release GM mosquitoes to…

Probing for Water on Moon

NASA recently reconfirmed the presence of water on Moon’s surface