Magnetic North Pole Shifting

The magnetic north pole is, reportedly, drifting fast away from the Canadian Arctic and towards Russ…

“Polar Vortex” Event in the US Midwest

A record-breaking cold wave has swept through the US Midwest, with 22 states hitting sub-zero temper…

Addressing the Drought Situation

With low rainfall this season, the country is most likely to witness a drought situation this year.

Overcoming Obstacles in river Interlinking

Obstacles in river interlinking.

Significance of Bogibeel Bridge in Assam

Bogibeel, the longest rail-road bridge of India, was recently inaugurated by the Prime Minister.

Cyclones in the East Coast - Cyclone Titli

Cyclone Titli recently hit the Odisha-Andhra coastal zone.

Having Two Time Zones for India

A proposal for two time zones has come from the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research’s Nati…

Haze Over Delhi

Haze loomed over Delhi and its adjoining areas for over a week.

Monsoon and Lightning

Certain states of India witnessed a worrying number of lightning related deaths. 

Sustaining Tamirabarani’s Water

Floodplains have immense potential for ensuring sustained water supplies
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