Understanding Assam Floods

A look at why Assam has traditionally been flood-prone and an assessment of the measures taken

Demographic Dividend and Development Policies

In India, investing in the laggard States will ensure their role as being the greatest contributors …

Water Management - Agriculture

A one-week delay in Indian monsoon has showed the extent of water crisis in the country in recent da…

National Rubber Policy - Highlights

The Department of Commerce has brought out the National Rubber Policy 2019.

World Population Projections 2019 - UN

The United Nations recently released the ‘World Population Projections 2019' report.

ISRO - Chandrayaan-2 Mission

ISRO recently announced the launch date (July 15, 2019) of Chandrayaan-2 mission.

Maharashtra Civil Disobedience Movement - GM Crops

Over 1,000 farmers recently participated in a ‘civil disobedience’ movement in AkoliJahagir vill…

Rain Deficit and Water Stress

Nearly 40% of the country is facing an acute paucity of pre-monsoon rain, causing severe water distr…

Global Concentration of Atmospheric CO2

On May 11, 2019 global concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was measured to have crosse…

Lessons from Fani Cyclone - Climate-risked World

Cyclone Fani indicated an increasingly climate-risked world.
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