Retuning the Coal Sector

The government recently gave some details on coal mining to the Rajya Sabha

Overcoming Obstacles in river Interlinking

Obstacles in river interlinking.

IMD Statement on Climate of India in 2018

A recently released IMD (India Meteorological Department) statement shows 2018 as the sixth warmest …

Concerns with CRZ- notification 2018

The Coastal Regulation Zone notification of 2018 increases the vulnerability of coastal people to cl…

Going Forward with Plastic Ban

A plan is needed for plastic waste in packaging and manufacturing.

Rulebook at Katowice - Concerns for Developing Countries

The recent climate conference in Katowice, Poland finalised the “rulebook” for the implementatio…

National Clean Air Programme

The Centre recently launched the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP).

New Water Extraction Guidelines

The Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) has notified the new water-extraction guidelines recently.

Controlling Air Pollution – Global Experience

Delhi government needs to look at the experience of global cities in cutting down their automobile u…

Concerns with Jaitapur nuclear power plant

The Indian government has to be transparent on the project details of the Jaitapur nuclear power pla…
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