Ethanol Production for sustaining the Sugar Sector

This will take care of excess stocks of sugar cane

Power Subsidies and Groundwater Use

Groundwater overuse, Power Subsidy, Punjab model, Shortfalls, Solutions

Balancing Procurement and Distribution - MSP and PDS

Concern with crop prices, Effect of procurement and distribution, Way out

Solar power to double farmers’ income (DFI)

A means to achieve DFI by 2022

Assessment of Urea Industry

Green Rating Project assessment, findings, concerns, measures

Separate Ministries for animal husbandry, dairies and fisheries

Challenges to be dealt with in the creation of separate ministries

Reforming Agriculture

A need to move Agriculture from State List

Issues with Zero Budget Natural Farming

Analysing the ZBNF practice mentioned in the Budget,2019

Water Management - Agriculture

A one-week delay in Indian monsoon has showed the extent of water crisis in the country in recent da…

Prospects of Cellular Agriculture

India has an opportunity to become a leader in cultured meat sector by taking viable measures.
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