Defense Current Affairs

High Allocation for Defence Pension

The Union Budget has allocated high amount to defense pensions

Role of Chief of Defence Staff

Dual-hatted role, Departmental roles, Armed forces, Role in military, Tasks ahead

Post of Chief of Defence Staff

Creation of the post of Chief of Defence Staff, Role, Functions, Significance

Broadening Boundaries of Terrorism

Worrying trend, Idea of religion, Role of terrorism, Paradoxical reality, Future

Opinions on the Role of Chief of Defense Staff

Chief of Defence Staff should play the role of the primary military adviser.

Need for IAF’s Strategic Thinking

Rafale fighter aircraft, Significance, Challenges to IAF’s air power, Other limitations

Defence Minister’s Statement on India’s Nuclear Policy

India’s nuclear doctrine, nuclear restraint, present concerns, etc

Post of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS)

Understanding the office of CDS announced by Prime Minister

15th Finance Commission

The terms of reference of 15th FC are amended by Cabinet

SIPRI Yearbook 2019 - Nuclear Arsenals

Reduction in number of nuclear warheads is happening, so is the modernisation of the arsenals.
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