Facebook Takedown of Indian Pages

Facebook recently removed four networks of groups, pages and accounts from India and Pakistan.

Need for Institutional reform – Facebook

Individual users’ privacy cannot be safeguarded on platforms such as Facebook without institutiona…

Rising Game revolution in India

A gaming revolution has started in India which expects to have over 300 million digital gamers by 20…

Facebook Data Breach

Facebook has put out more details about the data breach that exploited a vulnerability in its code b…

All about Facebook Data Breach

The recent data breach puts the spotlight on the vulnerabilities of Facebook.

Dealing with Paid News

The Election Commission of India (ECI) holds that paid news impairs the process of free and fair ele…

Fake News Crackdown - The Flaws

Curtailing the fake news menace is dis proportionally weighed on whats app

Human Judgement in Data World

It is essential to complement the increasing emphasis on "data" with the human judgement, for better…

Deciphering Mob Lynching

The increase in mob lynching in recent days is becoming a concern.

Responding to Lynchings

There has been a recent series of mob lynching, fuelled by rumours circulated through social media.
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